Emilran Talinkar

A dashing bard of dark humor and clever magic


If not for present circumstances, one might describe Emilran, a tanned human with medium-long brown hair and brown eyes, as “tall, dark, and handsome.” As it is, it’s hard not to look at his body and notice the numerous scrapes, burns, cuts, and other injuries that mark him. Whatever this man has been through, it hasn’t been pleasant. But when you look into his eyes, you can’t help but notice them stare defiantly back at you, as if nothing will keep this man down.

Emilran is a complex man. On the surface, he appears a conceited but open-hearted and confident man who’s not afraid to tell others what he thinks. Crude, lewd, and sometimes half-nude, Emilran thrives on putting at others at unease with his cocky, rough demeanor. However, beneath his eyes there appear to be hidden depths, perhaps a pained conscience, a dark secret, or a hidden reservoir of warmth and empathy. But whatever the case, Emilran’s not letting just anyone in.

In contrast to his companion, Asharan, Emilran speaks frequently of his background in Amn, the country of thieves and merchant cartels. A place where anything and everything is controlled by either the nobility or the street gangs, Amn and its capital of Athkatla shaped Emilran into a man of many talents – or so the self-professed bard claims. Still, it’s not difficult to believe, given Amn’s reputation as a place where the weak die and the strong (or corrupt) thrive. The fact that Emilran has gone on to a successful career outside of the guilds in spite of his humble origins speak to his character.

Watching Emilran and Asharan interact it’s clear that the two aren’t fond of one another. Asharan is quietly derisive of the bard, looking down upon him as a common criminal made worse by his rugged charm. For his part, Emilran thinks of Asharan as a brittle, emotionally crippled coward, who hides behind honor as an excuse to avoid hard choices. However, it is equally clear that both men admire Elyryl, the woman who binds them together. While Asharan speaks little on his relationship with the wizardess, Emilran has made it quite clear the two are lovers.



Emilran Talinkar is a close companion of Elyryl and the remainder of her party, serving as the group’s assassin, healer, and second-in-command, as well as a sometimes diplomat if Elyryl is inconvenienced. While Emilran does not believe in Elyryl’s cause the same way that Asharan does, he follows her for other, equally devoted reasons – namely, he enjoys being with her and loves her, though he’d never phrase it like that. Like the others in the party, Emilran is areligious. It’s not that he does not believe in the gods – he does. But he considers none of those currently existing worthy of his worship, though he once considered the worship of Bane.

Emilran is a dashing figure for someone of his background, with olive skin, dark brown hair, and brown eyes. He is somewhat tall for a Tethyrian, though not strikingly so, standing at about 5’9’’. Emilran is usually either clean-shaven (if he’s feeling dressy) or covered in a five o’clock shadow. Emilran avoids injury rather than taking it and recovering, though Emilran does a few scars across his body – though few where they are easily seen. Beneath his right shoulder blade is a large scar that marks where a longsword once punctured Emilran’s lung, coming close to kill him. The bard survived the injury, however, and it gives him little trouble now thanks to his healing expertise.

While Emilran is far from out of shape, his key strength comes from his wit and charm, a dangerous combination that makes it easy for him to get in and out of places without killing anybody – though that’s always a bonus. More agile than he is strong and more cunning than he is sensible, Emilran is like a coiled serpent – swift and deadly.


Emilran’s alignment is Evil. Emilran is neither particularly abrasive nor dominating, willing to work with others as is convenient, unless it is in his best interest to do otherwise. Emilran is not pure evil and he hesitates from certain acts he considers beneath him, such as rape or infantcide. However, he will not hesitate for a second to cheat, murder, steal, and torture if he considers it in his or a friend’s best interest. For the latter, Emilran takes a particular pleasure, exhibiting sadistic tendencies. However, Emilran, while possibly borderline sociopathic, is not a true psychopath and, whatever his sins, he genuinely loves Elyryl.

PC Influence with Asharan

Felix -2 Kerri 2 Nanfoodle 0 Olmas 0 Ruthenn 1 Velthyrian 0

Emilran Talinkar

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