Eltharen Silverheart

A gentle and good-hearted officer of the law


This handsome, silver-haired eladrin man has blue-tinted skin, marking him as a moon elf, a king of eladrin common in the North. There is no mistaking this man as an agent of the local law, his stance strong and confident and the banner of Sundabar woven into a tabard hanging across his chainmail armor.

Gentle and kind-hearted, Eltharen is often where his superior, Captain Clanius, cannot be due to the latter’s many responsibilities. The Captain’s chief lieutenant, Eltharen is in many ways the Captain’s foil, forgiving where the latter is harsh and flexible where Clanius is unyielding. Together, the two make a fine team in keeping Deadsnows a safe place for visitors and inhabitants alike.

Eltharen Silverheart

Advent of the Fallen Nivenus