Guthfast Black Lion

An honorable and passionate barbarian whose impressive physique belies a strong heart


Covered in shaggy, blond hair past his shoulders and a big, bushy beard, the man standing amidst similar, but less impressive, men and women is clearly formidable. He looks like a warrior from legend, ready to strike into the unknown.

Blonde-haired and blue eyed Guthfast Black Lion is a deeply spiritual barbarian of the Black Lion clan tasked with looking after the small band of warriors and merchants with whom he has been trusted. Guthfast takes these duties very seriously, seeing himself as both their protector and their leader and seeing to it they are given fair treatment in outside lands.

On the exterior, Guthfast is a powerful and bold figure, who lashes out quickly and brutally. Quick to a temper, Guthfast commands authority. However, to those that are close to him he is a good and loyal friend and will do anything to protect those dear to him, making him ideal for his role as the Uthgardt caravan’s escort commander.

Guthfast Black Lion

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