Tolgar Clanius

A worthy champion of law who heads the Deadsnows Watch


Tolgar Clanius, more often known as Captain Clanius, is a former adventurer and warlord who currently serves as the head of the Deadsnows Watch. With a long, deep scar across his face and a missing eye, Clanius has seen his share of battle, though he remains in good spirits for it and is much more bright-hearted and optimistic than his dour friend, Father Martin.

Though Clanius’ official titles are of little importance, so prestigious and important is his role in the small village, particularly now in these dangerous times, that he is, in many ways, the true leader of Deadsnows. His reputation for goodwill and strong judgment preceding him, it is often to Clanius that the townspeople turn when danger strikes. For his part, Clanius is aware of the stock people put in his character and, in spite of himself, is somewhat vain as a result.

Nonetheless, none can accuse the Captain of being unfair or greedy, and he takes no more than is rightfully his as Captain of the Watch.

Tolgar Clanius

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