Katrin Dresdtinn

An aged alchemist of considerable influence within her community


The apothecary’s owner and chief manager, Katrin Dresdtinn is also the leader of her family, one of the most respected ones in Deadsnows. A human of Illuskan origin, Katrin is pale-faced and blue eyed, with long, white hair and many wrinkles that show her advanced age. Cold and aloof, Katrin mostly keeps to herself, leaving the individual duties to her middle-aged and more cheerful daughter Sara.

Among the most influential people in Deadsnows, the senior Dresdtinn has a quiet dignity and power about her that is befitting her status as the family matriarch. She rarely speaks publicly, but when she does, all listen. Given her power many wonder why the family hasn’t yet obtained a seat on the Deadsnows Council, something that Katrin herself quietly resents.

Katrin Dresdtinn

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