Frodhelm Brightbrass

A jovial and talented smithy with a greedy heart and sharp intellect


From a glance the dwarf, as he works steadily at his furnace, appears to be just past his prime, his once brown beard now a clear shade of white, with only hints of its old color. Wrinkled and smiling, the smithy casts a pleasant and comforting aura, like a lifelong friend to whom you’ve returned.

Frodhelm Brightbrass, the local masterwork smith, is not a recent immigrant to Deadsnows. The shield dwarf first came to the village over half a century ago and few inhabitants remember at time when he didn’t sit comfortably in his smithy, cracking jokes as he forges quality arms for traveling adventurers.

Frodhelm is a wry and humorous individual, unusually outgoing for his culture and race alike and a fan of pranks. His goodwill is, however, mirrored by a dark and furious temper, often unleashed on those short on paying him.

Frodhelm Brightbrass

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