Nylause Martin

A warm and benevolent priest of the sun god Lathander


This brown-haired Chondathan is slightly shorter than the other priests within the village chapel, but this doesn’t make the bearded and muscle-bound morninglord appear any less impressive. Beneath the warm smile and gentle eyes, there is a hint of immense power.

Nylause Martin, known to most people in Deadsnows as Father Martin, is a morninglord of Lathander. A former paladin of his lord, Martin is now retired from adventuring and now focuses solely on his work as the town’s spiritual leader and Lathander’s representative.

More so than his fellow priests, Father Martin is a capable warrior, having adventured in the past. He is also good friends with his former adventuring companion, Captain Clanius, the leader of the local militia. Unlike Clanius, Martin is non-native to Deadsnows, coming originally from Cormyr to the southeast.

Father Martin is a friendly figure, though generally serious and not prone to humor. He t

Nylause Martin

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