Ertha Innkeeper

A comely, middle-aged woman of earthly strength and motherly warmth


Middle-aged and still a pleasant sight, Ertha, who had adopted the surname “Innkeeper” since here husband’s death, is the proprietor of the Blazon, Deadsnows’ only inn. Loud and profane, Ertha is nonetheless amongst the most loving and beloved citizens of Deadsnow, along with her daughter Tilma.

Ertha’s late husband, an ex-mercenary, also taught her something of combat, so she’s more than capable of defending herself and her daughter, Tilma. Only the unwise underestimate Ertha Innkeeper.

One of Ertha’s most prized possessions is a green shield with a white bar thrown an open field, which hangs over the inn’s fireplace. No one seems to know what it means though or even how long it has sat there.

Ertha Innkeeper

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