• Asharan


    A fighter of unquestionable devotion and a mysterious past
  • Eltharen Silverheart

    Eltharen Silverheart

    A gentle and good-hearted officer of the law
  • Emilran Talinkar

    Emilran Talinkar

    A dashing bard of dark humor and clever magic
  • Ertha Innkeeper

    Ertha Innkeeper

    A comely, middle-aged woman of earthly strength and motherly warmth
  • Frodhelm Brightbrass

    Frodhelm Brightbrass

    A jovial and talented smithy with a greedy heart and sharp intellect
  • Guthfast Black Lion

    Guthfast Black Lion

    An honorable and passionate barbarian whose impressive physique belies a strong heart
  • Katrin Dresdtinn

    Katrin Dresdtinn

    An aged alchemist of considerable influence within her community
  • Nylause Martin

    Nylause Martin

    A warm and benevolent priest of the sun god Lathander
  • Tolgar Clanius

    Tolgar Clanius

    A worthy champion of law who heads the Deadsnows Watch