The Hundred Years of Chaos are at last at an end, the last of the Spellplague outbreaks striking the world of Toril in 1482 DR. With diviners predicting there to be little chance of another significant outbreak occurring in the foreseeable future, the world has begun a slow return to what can be approximated as normality. But never again will the world ever be the same, not when the Mother of All Magic has fallen. More than ever arcane magic is a power source to be tapped at whim and the relationship between deities and mortals has grown ever more distant as other beings from afar move in to fill the power gap. But for many, the tragedies of the Spellplague are a distant memory from which the world has moved on.

The Realms today are a world of chaos and ever shifting alliance. The old empires are gone, replaced by new ones. Nevermore will the pharaohs of Mulhorand rule from their glimmering palaces. Nevermore will the ports of Neverwinter fill with the gold of farflung nations. No longer will the Chosen of Mystra watch over the heroes of Toril, protecting them from harm. It is a changed world, more dangerous and forbidding than ever. But there is still hope: hope in the strengthened bonds of Luruar’s member cities, hope in the mighty arms of Cormyr, a bastion of civilization in these dark times, and hope in the hearts of men, whose bold deeds may yet forge a future worth living.

In the Years of the Ageless One, this 1479 in the Dale Reckoning, what hopes can you forge? What destiny shall you carve for yourself and the world you touch as the legions of Netheril marshal for war and the oracles whisper of divine plots? Only time, and your choices, can tell.

Advent of the Fallen